Our Services:


Eyelash Extensions:

Deluxe full set Mink $99

Faux Mink Full Set   $75

Fill 2 weeks  $40


Skin Care:

Mini Facial

40 Minutes, An express mini version or our Famous Facial will be customized just for you. Great for all skin types.    $30

Firming Facial

1 Hour, Instant firming and tightening! Created for skin that’s showing signs of age sagging, fine lines and dullness.   $55

Facial Microdermabrasion

1 Hour, Smooth enlarged pores, thickened skin, fine lines/wrinkle, sun damage, hyper pigmentation & minor acne scarring. Includes extractions and calming mask.    $75

Brightening Lighting Facial

1 hour, Put a stop to sun damage and reveal the pure, elegant beauty of your skin! Continuing treatments significantly lightens dark spots, hyper- pigmentation, restoring your skin’s beautiful even complexion. Series and home care regime.   $105

Red Light

20 Minutes for Anti-aging, rosacea, flushing, stimulates the collagen smooth skin   $25

Blue Light

20 Minutes for Acne treatment, anti-inflammatory   $25


Acrylic Nails:

Acrylic Full Set     $20+

Acrylic Fill             $15+

Acrylic Full Set With Designed     $35

Acrylic With White Tips     $25

Solar Pink And White Powder    $35

Gel Shellac Nails    $25



Classic Manicure    $12

Paraffin Wax Manicure   $17

Deluxe Manicure     $22



Spa Pedicure   $18

European Spa Pedicure  $23

Deluxe Spa Pedicure     $27


Threading / Waxing:

Brow Threading    $12

Lip Threading      $7

Full Face Threading  $30

Brow Wax   $10

Lip Wax    $7

Full Face Wax    $30

Bikini Wax      $35

Brazilian Wax    $45

Under arm Wax    $16

Full arms Wax     $35

Full legs Wax      $45



Men Hair Cut    $12

Women Hair Cut      $16+

Hair Color       $50+

Partial highlights     $50+

Full highlights      $75+

Color and highlights    $110+

Root touch-up     $40

Perm     $65+

Shampoo and flat iron     $35


Permanent Makeup:

Microblading Eyebrows (set)  $200

Tradition Eyebrows (set)  $150

Eyeliner (set)  $150

Lip Liner    $150